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Reduce shrink and sell more.

We guide you the retailers in the installation of EAS systems to ensure that you reduce shrink and increase sales. We supply basic EAS systems through to the latest generation ISA (Intelligent Article Surveillance) system for all retail sectors.

In addition we supply a comprehensive range of hard tags and soft tags to protect your high shrink merchandise.   

Use our extensive range of consumer electronics protection systems to allow your customers to engage directly with your products and sell more.

We supply protection protection for all your consumer electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, Laptops, headphones and audio visual equipment.  

Increasing stock availability in your store will increase sales and ensure that you sell more.

Using our high speed RFID stock counting products and our cloud based RFID data management tool, you can perform regular high speed, highly accurate stock takes.

Performing regular RFID stock takes increases stock visibility and ensures that your stores have the correct stock on their shelves at all times.    


Upgrade from your old paper shelf labels to electronic shelf labels to keep pricing relevant and sell more.

We supply the latest generation of paper white ESL products with easy to implement applications to manage your in-store ESL's.    

Transform your cashiers into sales staff and sell more.

Increase the sales conversion ratio in your store by giving all your in-store personal the ability to complete a sale on the sales floor or via the traditional checkout counters. 

The last part of your customers journey within your store is the checkout. By making this final and important stage a simple and efficient process will keep your customer coming back allowing you to sell more.


We supply a comprehensive range of checkout systems, from belted, basket, and express checkouts with a full set of checkout accessories that include impulse stands and PIN pad holders.

Knowing when and how many customer entered your store will give you the ability adjust your sales strategy to sell more.

We supply basic, cost effective door mounted wireless customer/foot counters through to advanced overhead mounted thermal imaging systems connected to the internet for real time and advanced monitoring.

Make sure your stores are always fully operational by managing your staff and sell more. 

Our access control systems designed for retail stores will help you control access into you store.

Keeping your customers engaged while in the queue will keep them coming back allowing you to sell more.


Our basic systems will alert customers on which tills are open and our advanced systems with digital media will keep them further engaged while in the queue. Giving you the opportunity for addition interaction with your customers.    

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