Electronic Article Surveillance 

Reduce shrinkage and sell more.

Research has shown that stores protected with well-managed EAS (electronic article surveillance) systems show reduced shrinkage when compared to stores that don’t implement EAS.

At StegTech, we provide a comprehensive range of EAS systems. 

From entry-level solutions through to the latest generation of IAS (Intelligent Article Surveillance).

Antenna Features
Protecting Fashion
Protecting Shoes
Protecting Liquor
Protecting Cheese
Protecting Cosmetics
Protecting Meat
Protecting Healthcare
Protecting Powertools
Protecting Baby Formula
Protecting Bicycles
Protecting Glasses
Protecting Jewelry



Light and alarm

Product Protection

Advertising panels

Customer counting

Metal detection


EAS Electronic Article Surveillance
Retail Security Tags

Remote maintenance 

Liquor Bottle Store Security
Pharmacy Security
Retail Loss Prevention
Retail Security Labels
Reduce shrink and sell more.